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Doing the Right Thing

President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “To educate the mind without the morals is to educate a menace to society.” Unfortunately, businesses seem to create their fair share of menaces.

A US management publication stated that business managers generally believe that they do the right thing. But what exactly is “the right thing”? Often, the “right thing” appears to depend on your moral compass and your resolve to follow it.

Where does your moral compass point?

If “doing the right thing” is primarily about making more money, other values don’t really matter except for the company brochures and social media feeds. Employees become resources. Customers become market segments. Laws are just rules to be challenged. Make no mistake, this is a proven way to make money. However, employees, customers and the law are going to catch on to you!

There is an alternative. You could instead view business as a collection of people serving people. Values become part of the business culture, not just a marketing add-on. Honesty, integrity, caring about others and working for a purpose take the center stage. Profit, although still important, becomes a necessary means of funding the enterprise, not its purpose.

It starts with the business leadership and conversations about what really matters. The result could be that your business stands apart from the crowd and attracts more passionate, talented, like-minded people.

And wouldn’t that be a good thing?

Blueneck provides private leadership development programs that help owners and their core team to learn the concepts and techniques necessary to set effective business direction, attract good people and motivate people to follow.