Better Management

Help Your Managers to be Great

Blueneck Management Development Training

Get affordable, private training that helps your management team become more effective managing the business, employees, clients and suppliers:

  • Live, in-person, on-site team training and coaching
  • Fits into your busy business, around your business hours
  • Practical situations based on your actual business

Good Managers are Good Business

Quit Accepting "Typical"

If your business is typical, according to last year's Gallup study, less than 1/3 of your employees come to work every day feeling they have an opportunity to do their best work and wanting to contribute to your business’ success.

The other 2/3 do not.

What do you think they do instead? They unfortunately can suck the life out of your business – driving customers to your competition, wasting time, missing work, damaging your reputation, being a downer and creating problems that cost others time and money to fix.

How can you change this? The answer is in your management team. They need to know how to be great managers!

Why don't most managers in smaller business already know how? Many managers and supervisors got to be managers and supervisors because they know the work, are reliable and trustworthy. This does not automatically make them great managers. Few if any get the right training and support they need to be great managers.

Quit Wasting Your Money

This silent problem can cost your business a lot. The same Gallup survey above, estimates that this problem costs you $7,500/yr. per employee. If you have as little as 10 employees, this can be costing you $75,000 a year. Right off your bottom line and bank account.

Good bosses don’t pop out of thin air. You need to invest in them so they become skilled managers who can get things done and great leaders who can energize, promote and build value in your business.

Look at your management team. Do they know how to build up the value of your business? Can they get the best out of your employees? Do they demonstrate the culture and values that your business stands for? If not, we can help you make it right. It will be one of the best investments in your business that you can make.

Blueneck provides private management development training that help business managers and supervisors to become more effective managers of employees, clients and workloads. Contact us for more information!