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    ​Loves You Back!

    Lead an Engaging, 

    Strong, Valuable, and

    Resilient Organization

Does your business stress you out?

 Does Your Business 
​ Love You Back?

» Does it attract clients and talent?
» Does it support your goals?
» ​Are its employees committed?
» ​Is it causing problems for you to fix?
» ​Does it let you take the time off?
» ​Will it provide for your retirement?

​» ​Does it still make you happy?

Work Smarter,
​Achieve More

Have you ever tried to fix or build something without the right tools?

Your passion is your products, services and customers.  Our passion is the  business.  We have a giant toolbox of the best tools, templates, and techniques and will show you how to use them to work smarter and achieve more.

We are experts in the business of building, running, and transitioning businesses.  Blueneck works with leaders like you to build more engaging, more valuable, and more resilient businesses.  We will shorten your learning curve, get you faster results, and make it easier for you to do more of what you love.

Learn how Blueneck can help you by adding new tools to your toolbox.

Work Smarter, Achieve More
Work Smarter, Achieve More

Experience a New Level of Your Business

Set Direction

  • Create an engaging strategy that carves out your own lane in a crowded market. 
  • Build an engaging brand that draws the right customers, attracts talent, and is a magnet for good opportunities.  
  • Nurture an engaging culture of engaged employees who represent your business well.

Get Stronger 

  • Build a capable team of the right people in the right roles.
  • Streamline operations by facing problems, standardizing processes, and making your business automatic.
  • Better products and services for improved customer stickiness.
  • Create more space to pursue leadership and personal goals.

Grow Value

  • Know your REAL value and how to increase it.
  • What impacts business value and how much.
  • Improve your bottom-line by growing revenues and controlling costs.
  • Invest or divest to improve your cash position.
  • See your business differently to create greater wealth.

Reduce Risk

  • Identify and categorize business exposures internal and external.
  • Eliminate single points of failure.
  • Backup plans for serious risks.
  • Improve your capacity to pursue new business opportunities.
  • Create a risk management process.

 Become Our Next Success Story    

Manufacturing and Fabrication

Working for the founder, we strengthened their management team's effectiveness, streamlined operations, automated main business processes through the selection and implementation of a manufacturing ERP system, and assisted in business development. 

RESULT:  Increased business value by over $1m and decreased founder's time working in the business by over 50%

Non-Profit Association Membership

Working both with the Director of Member Experience and the Executive Director, we developed and delivered both a year-long leadership development program and a year-long course on business mentorship for its membership.  We also ran multiple strategic and educational sessions for the Board of Directors.

RESULT:  Became two of the highest rated programs at the association.  Multiple graduates became successful Board Members.

Construction Supplies

Working with the owner/operators, we resolved staffing problems, created a new business strategy and marketing approach, coached the development of a strong executive team, revised purchasing and inventory strategies, and supported the development and implementation of detailed business plans.

RESULT:  Increase revenues by over 50% and profits by 900%.  Opened a 2nd location and expanded through  acquisition.

Building Infrastructure Construction

Working with the owner of an established 2nd generation company, we helped to design and assemble a strong senior management team, addressed long-standing operational issues, and refocused priorities and accountabilities between business development, project delivery, and support.

RESULT:  Won and delivered multi-million projects, increased legacy work, and generated several $M in additional extractable cash.

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