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Pete grew up surrounded by hard working business owners. His mother ran the family strawberry farm and his father owned an equipment sales and repairs business.  At 5 years old, Pete started sweeping floors in his fathers shop for candy money, and at 8 he was rebuilding carburetors... Yes it's true. 

Pete was quick to learn that their small family businesses did more than just put food on the table and a roof over his head.  It provided a sense of pride and accomplishment for his family who came to Canada to find a better life. It also allowed them to be known, accepted, and a contributing member of their community. 

It is this experience that allows Pete to understand hard-working business owners who are proud of the business they have created. It is this experience that shaped Pete’s perspective on life and business; component parts working together and requiring regular maintenance to run efficiently and effectively. 

Fast-forwarding, Pete earned his Commerce degree from UBC and rose quickly to become a Manager, Director, and then Regional VP in Fortune 500 companies, pursuing his passion for business, and furthering his knowledge in what it takes to not only run, but to scale a successful business.  He has seen  owners like you pour everything they know how to do into their business and hit a wall they can’t see – a wall that results in excessive stress, creates frustration, drains away profits and ultimately stops them from growing and reaching the best version of their business.  Pete knew it didn’t need to be that way and has dedicated his career to continuing to learn about business, and sharing it with others. 

"All you really need is to know what's at the core of your business problems and the right tools to fix it. That's what I do. Nothing fancy, just straight-up practical solutions that make sense."

Not your average business coach!

In addition to his degree, Pete earned his certificate in High-Performance Leadership for Cornell University, a certificate in Six-Sigma Process Engineering from Villanova University, a certificate in Agile Project Management from AgileOne, along with professional development courses from the Sauder School of Business in Mentorship and Financial Statement Analysis.

Pete has held senior leadership positions in several Fortune 500 and private Canadian companies including Canadian Tire, Mark’s Work Wearhouse, IBM, HP, Fujitsu Consulting. He was the former Regional Vice President of CGI, COO of a publicly traded bio-composite manufacturer, and CEO and Partner or Director in several multi-million dollar consultancies. Peter offers experience in government projects and good corporate governance too, serving on the Board of a Provincial government Land Titles and Survey Authority, impacting a multi-billion dollar real estate industry, managing the remediation of the multi-billion dollar Alberta electricity industry working for Alberta Energy, and managing corporate expansion projects with budgets of over $40 million.
While Pete enjoyed the big jobs, in 2012 he decided to return to his roots and use his experience to help the family-owned businesses that made him who he is, that care about their people and community, and who often do not have access to the resources that larger organizations do. 

Today, Pete works with owners of small and medium businesses to tune up their businesses and get them running smoothly with increased power and performance. From running diagnostics and mapping customized strategies, to providing private and group coaching, or public speaking, Pete’s passion is connecting with business owners who built their businesses with passion, and who  know how to roll up their sleeves and get things done. 

Like vehicles, sometimes a business needs an expert to help it run its best.  Pete Baran is Canada’s Business Mechanic. 
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