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Founded with a Purpose

At Blueneck™, we believe healthy businesses are a core component of happy families and vibrant communities.  We exist to help hardworking, ethical business owner-operators overcome the barriers standing between their current situation and their dreams.  We help them build successful, prosperous companies they can feel proud of.

Owner-operator businesses are the core of our economy and society. Over 2/3rds of GDP and jobs in Canada come from them, not the mega-corporations.  Their success builds prosperity and stability for average Canadians and their communities.  We set out with a commitment to help these owner-operators succeed. 

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Our History
Our founder grew up in a family equipment sales and service business.  There he learned the value of honest work, the responsibility of the promises you make, and the pride of your business being part of the community. 

Blueneck™ began in 2010 when he walked away from the Fortune 500 world and began a mission to bring affordable, top-tier business expertise to small and medium-sized business owner-operators.  He recognized that while many owner operators were experts and innovators in their field, they were often disadvantaged by limited access to affordable, high-quality business expertise.  He set out to help the businesses that really mattered.
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Our Values
Blueneck™ services are based on three simple principles:
  1. Respectful.  We respect your accomplishments, your business, and we respect your time and money.  If we don't deliver the value you expected, we do not charge you for the work we did.  Ask us about our unique "Your'e-the-boss" guarantee.
  2. Ethical.  We keep it real, tell you the truth, and do the right things, even when it is hard.   We keep our promises but don't keep conflicting interests, and we keep your confidential information, well, confidential.   It's simply the right way to do business.
  3. Practical.  We find simple and affordable solutions to your unique and complex business challenges.   More importantly, we explain things so you can understand them.   We don't try and baffle you with consulting bullsh*t.
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Not founded by your average business coach!

We are not trying to brag, but thought you might want to know who you are dealing with.  

Our founder and CEO has an honours degree in Commerce from the Univerity of BC, a certificate in High-Performance Leadership from Cornell University, a certificate in Six-Sigma Process Engineering from Villanova University, a certificate in Agile Project Management from AgileOne, along with professional development courses from the Sauder School of Business in Business Mentorship and in Financial Statement Analysis.   In addition, he is a certified Value Builder consultant and a certified Predictive Index consultant.  

He has held senior leadership positions in several Fortune 500 and private Canadian companies including Canadian Tire, Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Pusateri's, IBM, HP, Fujitsu Consulting.  He was the Regional Vice President of CGI, the COO of a publicly traded bio-composite manufacturer, and CEO, Partner or Director in several other multi-million dollar businesses. He has experience in working on major expansion projects, government contracts, and corporate governance too, serving on the Board of a Provincial government Land Titles and Survey Authority, impacting the multi-billion dollar real estate industry, and serving as chair of the Canadian Christian Business Federation, helping business owners to build successful, ethical businesses.  He also led the remediation of a multi-billion dollar provincial electricity industry initiative working for Alberta Energy, and managed the corporate expansion projects for a Toronto/New York joint venture with budgets of over $40 million.

As a result, all our consultants haven't just learned all the best techniques, methods, and processes to help you succeed - we have lived them.