Blueneck Consulting Inc.
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A Few Words About Who We Are

Blueneck began in 2010 when the founder walked away from the Fortune 500 world and began a mission to bring affordable, top-tier business expertise to business owners and their leadership team.  Blueneck recognized that while many owner operators were experts and innovators in their field, they were often disadvantaged by limited access to quality business expertise and advice when compared to major corporations.  We set out to change that...

At Blueneck, we believe healthy businesses are a core component of happy families and vibrant communities. We exist to help value-driven leaders overcome their barriers and build successful, prosperous organizations they, their employees, and community can feel proud of.

Blueneck has a vision for providing accessible and affordable business coaching and advisory services to a growing community of business owner and leaders so they can more quickly and easily overcome existing and emerging business challenges and success blockers.

Engaged, Valuable, Capable, Resilient

We believe great organizations are ones where employees are excited to be part of the the mission, customers are attracted to doing business with them, their products and services are irreplaceable, they produce them with consistently high standards, and they are ready for whatever the market or economy throws at them - good or bad.  That is what we strive to create for our clients.

Values = A Better Approach

We get excited when you succeed.  We tell you the truth so you can make the right decisions.  We respect your strengths as well as your limitations because we deal in reality.   We listen to what you want to do, then help find a way to do it.  You're the boss.

Theory + Experience 

Our people have successfully run large, complex organizations at senior levels.  They also have post-secondary credentials from some of the best Canadian and US universities, and respected professional organizations.   We also use the best leading-edge technologies  to help you get things done.

Key benefits for Our Clients

There are 3 key perspectives to building a great business.   The first is an ENGAGING STRATEGY - are you heading on the right path, flying an attractive brand flag in an environment that reflects a strong culture?  The next is STRENGTH - can your organization reliably do what it must do to reach its aspirational goals?   Finally, RESILIENCE - can your organization weather the storms of business and grasp the opportunities flying by?  Together, answering these questions builds not only great businesses, but very VALUABLE ones.

Engaging Strategy, Brand, Culture

Customers don't buy products and services - they buy ideas that promise to give them what they want. 

Blueneck can help you re-think your brand promise and create a unique lane that customers find irresistible and irreplaceable.  We then build a strategy to re-align your employee culture and whole organization to be consistent with your brand.

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Strength and Capacity

A strategy is only as good as the business' ability to implement.

Blueneck will help you clearly see all the key elements of your whole business.   We help you get the right people in the right roles on the team.  We organize them with accountabilities that deliver results.  We focus the products and services you produce and match them to the right market.  We create scalable processes and transparent reporting.  We help you solve the mysteries of finance and value creation.  We help you build plans that work, and then walk with you so they do.

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A great general once said, "No plan survives first contact with the enemy".   Reality constantly changes.

Blueneck has seen that preparation consistently proves to be the best antidote to changing reality.  Preparation can include planning access to emergency cash, packing parachutes for disaster events, eliminating single points of operational failure, and knowing how much to respond to emerging risks.

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We license the best tools and share their use with all of our clients so they receive an outstanding experience for a great price.